NGR DoctorFitness Slim-Fit test  

After a few months of offering the Premium analysis, we discovered high demand from customers who would use our analysis for weight-loss purposes. Because test Premium analysis examines a wide variety of health areas, we have decided to offer a smaller report for those, who only want to lose weight.

We think that this analysis will make a grand entry product because of significantly lower price and even more evident purpose and after the customers see great results, they will order the test Premium.

Recent studies have shown, that losing weight based on DNA analysis result in 2-3 times more kilograms lost. Therefore, Doctor Fitness Slim Analysis is focused on weight management that will help our clients achieve a healthy constitution and better self-consciousness by tailoring their nutrition and lifestyle choices based on DNA.

 It consists of several chapters that guide our customer to achieve the desired weight:

Firstly, Slim presents the genetic analysis and interpretation of genes that significantly affect customers' weight loss success.

The analysis looks at genes that are important for:

  • Energy consumption
  • Fat metabolism
  • Insulin excretion
  • Body fat accumulation
  • Carbohydrate metabolism
  • Obesity 
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) 
  •  also, the importance of physical activity in weight loss 

DNA test Slim-Fit contains a personalized daily menu plan and shopping basket tailored to your DNA. 


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