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DoctorFitness psychDrugsRx

DoctorFitness psychDrugsRx focuses specifically on possible side effects and toxicities associated with psychiatric medication, analyzing 55 genetic variations and reporting on over 80 drugs. The user-friendly report categorizes drugs into risk areas and aides the practitioner determining both optimal drug and optimal dosage for any given patient.

mypsychRx analyses genetic variants linked to the metabolism of:

Psychotropic Medications:

• Antiaddictives

• Anti-ADHD Agents

• Anticonvulsants

• Antidementia Agents

• Antidepressants

• Antipsychotics

• Benzodiazepines

• Mood Stabilizers

DNA testing: 55 genetic variations, over 80 drugs.

The study of the relationship between genes and response to medication has been the subject of intensive research over the past two decades. Robust evidence now exists to support testing under clinical conditions.

Pharmacogenomics testing is the most recent addition to the dnalife® portfolio. We analyze genotypes associated with drug responsiveness for cardiovascular disease, psychiatry and pain management, amongst others. Reports provide practitioners with detailed guidelines on gene-drug interactions; highlighting potential side effects, increased toxicity, and lack of efficacy.


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