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Our Science

The human body consists of several billions of small cells, which together, form the tissues of our body. Each individual cell has a cell nucleus in which, in turn, there are roughly 30,000 different genes which control the most diverse of characteristics and mechanisms in the body. For example, there are genes that determine the colour of our eyes; genes that control how tall we will become, genes that are responsible for the digestion of certain foods and genes that are responsible for the function of nerve cells in our brain. All genes, as a whole, form the blueprint of our individual body.


Unfortunately our genes are not free from defects and each of us carries certain genetic defects that we have either inherited from our parents or that has formed by chance and now has a negative impact on our health. These genetic defects make our immune system slightly weaker, increase our risk of a heart attack and give us bad eyesight. They trigger asthma and allergies and lead us to becoming overweight if we eat an uncontrolled diet. Of course, all of us carry different genetic defects; some lead us to having a great risk of a heart attack and others to suffering from lactose intolerance. Diseases, which are frequent in certain families, are a good example for showing that the individual risk of disease can vary from one family to another and from one person to another.


Genetic defects can have an impact on our health, but in many cases, this does not mean that you will in fact develop a given disease, but that you will only have an increased risk of disease. Whether the disease occurs is dependent on external influences such as the environment and personal lifestyle. For example, if a person is lactose intolerant due to a genetic defect, this person is perfectly healthy as long as he or she does not drink milk. Symptoms only occur if certain environmental influences come into play - in this case, it is the supply of lactose through ingestion.

The same is true of other diseases. If, for example, you have an iron absorption-regulating genetic defect, this increases the risk of hemochromatosis and a preventative lifestyle is necessary to prevent the disease.

Can we prevent diseases? The newest technologies now make it possible to test certain genes that are associated with diseases for defects. On the basis of the analysis result, a personal prevention program can be created which will decrease your personal risk of disease and will help you to stay healthy. 

What we do:

Nutri-Genetica Research AG conduct research in human genetics focuses on the new possibilities in personalized genomics. It enables the general population to gain access to the newest advances in genetic technologies for disease prevention purposes.

Every person carries an inherited genetic defect that greatly increases their risk of developing certain diseases. Knowing of personal predispositions enables one to take preventive measures before the disease develops. Our company aims to make these new possibilities widely available until the general healthcare system finally chooses to adopt these new technologies.


Since all genetic analyses are performed by a certified genetics laboratory, the customer benefits from the highest quality standards regulated by the European law for genetic technologies. Every genetic tests performed are scientifically validated and state certified.

Any genetic test is only valuable, if the results are understandable for the individual. As a consequence, specific focus lies on the way the results are presented. Nutri-Genetica Research AG aims to extensively counsel each customer through consultation videos before and after each genetic test to ensure the best possible benefit to the customer. 

Policies and compliance

Integrity is one of our 5 values; integrity across all our businesses and with everyone we interact with – towards a sustainable approach to our environment; with the way we work with our suppliers, how we look after our employees and how we want to influence our communities. Please download and read our policies for further information:

What we can test for:

  • Genes that cause predispositions to diseases that are curable or preventable
  • Genes that were scientifically validated as disease risk genes
  • Genes that carry frequent defects in the general population

We innovate and apply science in order to ensure the safety and integrity of products and services in line with our vision: Science for a safer world.
We are therefore committed to continuous improvement in quality and efficiency through procedures based upon quality assurance. 

This commitment is demonstrated through our certification, accreditation and registration to many international management system standards and quality regulations. Our comprehensive quality system supports and enhances business excellence and ensures we provide our customers with the level of service and the quality of products they expect.

Confirmed by third-party independent assessment, our customers can rely on the quality of service provided through:

  • ISO 9001 Certificate for business processes
  • ISO 13485 Certificate for the manufacturing of substances that support health care processes and systems
  • ISO 17025 Accreditation for laboratory testing and calibration services
  • ISO 17043 Accreditation for the operation and management of proficiency testing schemes
  • ISO 17034 Accreditation for reference material production facilities
  • Compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) for pharmaceutical studies and pharmaceutical related processes 

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