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Find out how genomic is changing, why, and what this means for medical technology.

Integrative Medicine as Personalized Medicine Integrative Medicine (IM) is probably better suited for individualizing, personalizing, and customizing modalities, therapies, and treatments than conventional medicine because: The focus of IM is the health and vitality of the person versus attacking the disease.

IM practices preventive medicine using conventional, complementary, and alternative approaches, working with the person to identify the best treatment(s) versus medicine of the averages. IM is patient-centered, wherein the person is evaluated on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, which often takes longer than a 10-minute office visit will allow.

IM practitioners communicate with their patients in a different way compared to conventional medicine practitioners. IM practitioners listen to their patients in a different way compared to conventional medicine practitioners and IM practitioners view chronic disease as a multi-factorial condition versus the belief that one organism or agent results in one disease with one molecule to "kill" or "treat" it and one method of the "proof of efficacy" (double blind, placebocontrolled multi-centered trial) model of conventional medicine. Integrative Medicine + Genomics = Personalized Integrative Medicine.

To truly personalize IM, however, the IM practitioner ultimately needs to know the patient's genotype; Until recently, this concept was left to futurists to ponder. The completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, however, changed all that. That monumental task, one of the greatest achievements in the history of science, identified between 30,000 and 40,000 genes in the human body and revealed the sequence of over 3.5 billion chemical base pairs (nucleotides) that make up human DNA.

Our Laboratory give to your practice the most advanced genomics tools. 

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With the Nutri-Genetica Research® DNA-Tests and services the consumers are investing in their own health and life quality. They will receive unique information about themselves that they can utilize through their life allowing them to take better choices concerning their lifestyle and health state. That will support their weight management, keeping them motivated, healthy and happy being supported by Nutri-Genetica Research® until and beyond when they achieve their goals!

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With the Nutri-Genetica Research® you will spend more time with a proactive, personalized medicine and less time worried about your clinic income. If you're interested, please contact our team

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