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The implementation of genetic testing is not regulated by law in most countries, and in some countries there is therefore little regulation on the quality standards, completeness and content of genetic counselling and data security. This lack of regulation is, of course, noticeable in the quality of the genetic tests and the subsequent consultation, which puts the meaning and seriousness of various providers into question. While many foreign gene testing companies themselves take their quality assurance into their own hands, gene analyses by Nutri-genetica Research AG are carried out exclusively in approved or state-regulated laboratories. This quality principle is, of course, reflected in the quality and meaningfulness of the genetic tests of Nutri-Genetica Research AG.

Data security is particularly important in the field of genetic analysis and has our highest priority. This is why we have integrated numerous security measures into our processes, which ensure your data security. For example, their identity is kept separate from the analysis results and merged with the results just before the printing of the report under responsible supervision.  In the case of medical analyses, the analysis result is handed over to you only by the physician who is appointed by you, whereby a genetic pre- and post-consultation by your physician is indispensable.  

Yes. Our genes remain unchanged throughout our lives. An increased disease risk, which can be ascertained by a genetic test at the age of 40, can already be ascertained just as well immediately after birth. Children (or their parents) also have the advantage of being able to intervene before even the approaches of a disease have developed, which is not always the case in adults. In addition, parents are able to promote the behaviour which can prevent the appropriate diseases in the future.  

No. Your genes remain unchanged from birth until the end of your life, so it makes no sense to test a gene that has already been tested again, since you would only get the same result again. This also means that your inborn disease risk will remain the same for your whole life. However, you have an influence on your health, since you can significantly reduce your individual risk of illness with precautionary measures.  

This is a legitimate question and, in some genetic analyses, we think that it makes no sense to know about its risk assessment if it cannot be influenced by precautionary measures. Finding such a gene mutation has no benefit to health care and is only a psychological burden. For this reason, Nutri-Genetica Research AG has only genes in our program, which considerably increase a potential disease risk, but in those with precautionary measures or the deterioration of the disease is likely to be prevented. Only such genetic testing makes sense for health care and is a real benefit  

If the recommended precautionary measures are advice such as "Stop smoking and eat healthy", it does not make sense to test gene mutations, as this advice should be applicable to everyone and therefore should be recommended to everyone. Therefore, the genetic tests of Nutri-Genetica Research AG are focused on disease pictures, in which the preventive measures go beyond general health advice and include measures that are specifically necessary to prevent the disease. A good example is the iron storage disease, in which, among other things, regular blood donation can prevent the increase in body weight and thus an often fatal disease. This is a simple and effective precautionary measure; you only need to know about your personal risk and the precautionary possibilities to be able to use it.  

Some genes are rarely mutated and lead to an increased risk of disease in very few cases. The fructose gene is a good example since it is mutated only in about 20,000 individuals and leads to fructose intolerance. To offer this gene test to the masses would not make sense, since only very few people could be helped. Therefore, the genetic tests of Nutri-Genetica Research AG are exclusively focused on genes that are often mutated to help as many people as possible. These gene tests include, for example, the lactose intolerance, where Europeans have a higher occurrence rate.

According to the present state of science, it is not yet possible or permitted to intervene in the genes of a human being and to correct mutations. At the moment, unfortunately, only the identification of gene mutations and the precautionary measures that mitigate or neutralize the effects of the mutation remain.

No. Everyone is estimated to have about 2,000 genetic defects that affect their health. Genetic defects are therefore quite common and almost every human being is genetically pre-stressed for any disease. In addition, each gene test gives you an effective screening program that can help you prevent the disease. Knowing a genetic risk helps you preserve your health and prevents you from triggering illnesses through ignorance and a false lifestyle. 

For all of the disease risks tested by Nutri-Genetica Research AG, there is an effective medical precaution or treatment program that can help you prevent the disease or serious consequences. Therefore, the psychological load is also limited in these cases as diseases are effectively prevented. If you have any concerns or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our qualified psychologists to advise you professionally. 

If you want to change your order at any point in the process, we can simply cancel the process and destroy all your samples and results. If you cancel before the begining of the analysis process, you will not be charged. However, if you cancel after the start of the analysis, we can only refund you a part of the charged price as costs have already been incurred.

This is one of the most important points. In the clinical routine, it is quite common to begin a genetic analysis small and to test only a single gene for mutations for the first time, or to test only a single gene, even though there are other riskogens that can carry mutations. In these cases the significance of the genetic test is, of course, limited, because only because a particular gene does not carry mutations do not mean that there are no mutations in another gene associated with this disease.  

This is an important point that is often ignored. Some genes are so rarely mutated that a genetic test simply cannot be justified. An example is inherited fructose intolerance. Approximately one in 20,000 persons carry a mutation in the relevant gene, which makes sense only about every twenty thousandth gene test. These vendors sell these tests with profit, but they help practically none. Our genetic tests have been compiled considering this fact. The frequency of gene mutations tested by Nutri-Genetica Research AG can be found on the respective product page.  

In contrast to genes that perform a particular function, SNPs are small changes in a person's genetic code, which in some cases are often associated with a particular disease. For this reason, SNPs are often tested to assess the risk of disease. In contrast to a genetic test, however, mutations which interfere with the function of a riskogen are not recognized in this way. Thus, SNP analysis reveals that there is no increased risk of disease, even though a gene carries a serious mutation. In order to make the best possible statement, genes and SNPs should be tested together.  

Genetic analyses are a complex topic and therefore you should ensure that a detailed consultation is available, which will explain to you all important information about the gene intelligible. The interpretation of the results may also be complicated and you should therefore have the possibility to ask an expert more questions. In the case of genetic analyses in conjunction with a disease-relevant significance, the participation of a physician is necessary. In addition, Nutri-Genetica Research AG provides detailed pre- and post-consultation videos. In addition, you have the possibility to have an expert advised extensively.  

A few people will begin with a statement like "You are homozygous for a risk allele of factor V Leiden mutation". We understand that the average person can't make sense of that, so with that in mind, we make sure that the result is edited in a understandable language to save you from frustrations.

Many gene test providers focus on the detection of disease-causing gene mutations, but at this point the scope of services usually ends. Make sure that in the event of an increased risk of illness, you will also be provided with a precautionary program which will help you prevent the disease.

Not every genetic disease have preventive measures. Be careful with genetic tests that test for diseases for which there is no effective screening or treatment. In this case, the knowledge of a genetic risk is a psychological burden, which cannot be counteracted with precautionary measures. Although this knowledge may be of interest to some people, the benefit is very limited. Nutri-Genetica Research AG does not have such gene analysis in the program and offers exclusively genetic tests where mutations can be effectively prevented.

Many genetic tests are sold by some vendors as "Novelty" or "fun" tests because they are not subject to the strict regulations (quality assurance, etc.) of medical gene analyses. These genetic tests are usually not monitored by physicians and should in no case constitute a basis for health measures. Our genetic analyses are a medical service which only operates under the highest quality standards.  

Some genes have not yet been scientifically validated to provide a clear confirmation of the interplay of a gene and a disease. Therefore, Nutri-Genetica Research AG only includes those genes which have been identified several times and in large scientific studies as riskogens.  

Make sure that your precautionary measures are also compiled and supervised by doctors. This is the only way to ensure that you receive medically correct information on the precaution. Nutri-Genetica Research AG cooperates with leading physicians and scientists to provide you with precautionary measures of the highest medical standard.  

Data security is an important issue in this area. We make sure that the data security measures are adhered to, and that no one unauthorized has access to your analysis results. We are even aware of a provider that has been corrected by the acceptance of its terms and conditions to sell the analysis results commercially. At Nutri-Genetica Research AG, strict data protection measures are taken to ensure the highest security of your data.


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