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DNA WELLNESS: Predictive or predisposition testing 

Can identify individuals at risk of getting a disease prior to the onset of symptoms.

These tests are particularly useful if an individual has a family history of a specific disease and an intervention is available to prevent the onset of disease or minimize disease severity. Predictive testing can identify mutations that increase a person’s risk of developing conditions with a genetic basis such as certain types of cancer.

Every human being is unique and genetically different from others. This is reflected in appearance, special talents, and personality, but also in the genetic predisposition to various diseases, such as tumors or cardiovascular diseases. If you know your genetic risk factors, you can actively contribute to preventing or delaying the onset of a disease or to alleviating its symptoms.

Genetic risk factors play an important role in many common diseases, including tumor and cardiovascular diseases. However, a genetic predisposition to a certain disease does not necessarily mean that the disease will develop. Other influential environmental factors – such as lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise – can also influence whether or not a genetic disease will manifest. Intensive early detection programs allow appropriate therapies to be initiated in a timely manner. Early identification of genetic risk factors and timely intervention can prevent or delay the onset or progression of a disease.

My Health Areas – We focus on health conditions that are the most commonly problematic in the population are grouped such as:  

  • Heart and veins (cardiovascular diseases)
  • Fats and glucose metabolism (diabetes and weight management)
  • Allergies and intolerances (lactose)
  • Substances and addictions (alcohol – not analyzed in Baby analysis, nicotine, caffeine)
  • Body protection health of genetic material, detoxification)
  • Muscular potential, Sport Talent
  • Bone health
  • Mitochondria
  • MethylCycle Sistem
  • Vision Health
  • Neurotransmissors pathways 
  • Weigh management

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