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Body protection

Examination of genes associated with body detoxification and health of genetic material. People react differently to exposure to the phytopharmaceuticals, exhaust fumes, industrial waste, cigarette smoke, and other chemicals.

DoctorFitness Oxidative Stress, Detoxification & Inflammation

These processes are common features of everyday activity in the cell. Exposure to the sun increases the generation of free radicals in the skin due to the action of UV light on skin cells. Free radicals are also generated as part of the normal oxidative metabolic processes of energy production in the cell. Free radicals are extremely reactive molecules which can cause damage to all cellular components including DNA, proteins, and lipids. The body has developed several protective mechanisms including enzymes which mop-up these free-radicals before they can cause their damage. We can also limit free-radical production by taking care over what we eat and by avoiding tobacco smoke (including passive smoking) and, as much as possible, environmental pollution.

We have tested you for variations in several genes which are involved in these protective mechanisms. The variations may affect the efficiency of free-radical protection and specific advice for you on how to overcome this is given.

Inflammation is a normal function that is a vital part of many vital processes such as wound healing, protection against infection and repairing damage caused by UV light. It is an extremely complex set of processes mediated in large part by various protein molecules called cytokines which may have either pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory actions. Many of the genes that produce these cytokines are polymorphic, and the variations can affect the activity of the proteins leading to individual variations in inflammatory responses between different people


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